Home Décor Fabrics – Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

As with all things, routine cleaning and maintenance will ensure a longer life for your fabrics.

Home Décor Fabrics

1.       Vacuum your fabrics often with a small brush attachment to pick up dust and debris.

2.       Do not machine wash your home décor or upholstery fabrics.

3.       Remember that most home décor fabrics are cleaning code “S”, so do NOT use club soda as it is water.

4.       Flip and/or rotate cushions regularly to ensure an even wear, making the fabrics last longer.

5.       Blot stains with a towel when spot cleaning rather than rub or scrub.

6.       Never use products containing bleach or alcohol to spot clean.

7.       Hire a professional to clean your furniture periodically.

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics

1.       Indoor/Outdoor fabrics are water and fade resistant NOT water or fade proof.

2.       Use a mold soap and water to spot clean – not bleach or alcohol.

3.       Keep fabrics out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

4.       Rotate the cushions to help them last longer.

Recycled Leather and Polyurethane Fabrics

1.       Clean spills and stains right away.

2.       Use a mild soap and water to clean stains like coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine, and ordinary dirt.

3.       A clean cloth or sponge and soapy water is recommended to wipe the surfaces.

4.       Be sure to wipe the area dry to remove the soap solution.

5.       A 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water can be used to remove difficult stains.  Rinse and dry the area once cleaned.

6.       For recycled leather, a 5:1 ratio of water to bleach solution can be used as a disinfectant to wipe the surface.  Be sure to wipe dry with a towel after cleaning.

Vinyl Fabrics

1.        In general, use a soft dampened cloth with a dish soap and water solution to clean vinyl.  Rinse completely and dry.

2.       You can use a stronger cleaner, such as Formula 409, and water to cleaner for more intense soiling.  Rub the area, then rinse and dry.

3.       Do NOT use alcohol-based cleaners on vinyl.