Home Décor Fabric – Fabric Finishes

Crypton:  This finish is applied to fabrics that have been thoroughly tested through each step to become super fabrics.  These Earth-friendly fabrics are used in hospitals, hotels, and restaurants because of their resistance to water, stains, and microbes.  The fabrics are now available for the home market as well as commercial settings.  They are extremely durable while still keeping the texture, feel, color, and patterns.

Scotchgard:  Scotchgard is a brand name for a stain protectant that can be used after market.  Many fabrics are already pretreated at the time of purchase.  It resists stains without affecting the breathability or look of the fabric.  It can be reapplied, if necessary, after market.

Teflon:  Teflon is the brand name for Polytetrafluorethylene which is a coating that is used on many fabrics to make them more durable while repelling water, oil, and stains.  It also resists aging.  Like Scotchgard, Teflon coating can be reapplied after market.